Human Gaming Chair Unboxing and Review!



My new Gaming Chair has finally arrived in the mail! I’m going to go through an unboxing, demonstration and product review of this exciting new piece of furniture!

I give a rundown of the features this model comes with, showing you some of the packaging before going to unbox the thing. I have to build up some hype!

Then, it’s time for the moment of truth. I remove the tape and open the box! My seat seems to be very nice quality, even kind of cute! I’m delighted that it came with a chastity pre-installed. I’m satisfied with the build and appearance, so I move on to test out five of its possible configurations.

The first one is simply forming the chair in a seated position itself and taking its lap, outstretching arms to use as a rest. I’m pretty happy with this position, but I’m eager to see the others.

The second is having the chair on the floor on its 4 “legs”. I sit on its flat back side. Although it doesn’t offer back support in this position, it is surprisingly one of my favorites for its sturdiness and variety of ways to sit!

The third one is placing the chair’s head down and sitting on its shoulders. I was really excited for this one but it doesn’t seem to hold my heavier weight as well as I’d like.

For the fourth one, I sit on the face of the chair rested backward. I enjoy this one a lot as well! I’m just really eager to get to my favorite one, so I quickly move on.

At 11 minutes, I settle in for the final test for my gaming chair! I place it upside down and sit right on its face and let out nasty farts while playing an actual video game. I love this position, and I think it’s the most comfortable! I focus on my game very well in this seat, not saying much as I deliver stinky wet gas bombs straight onto the seat’s mouth.

I continue doing this until the end of the clip, where one of my farts makes a bit of a mess on the chest of the chair. I demonstrate one last feature of the seat: its tongue can clean up messes while in use! I show you my dirty asshole then proceed to have it cleaned up by this super versatile, high quality gaming chair!

Now I know that I don’t even have to get up to go to the bathroom. Well, that’s all for my unboxing and review! I hope you’ll consider buying a chair yourself!


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