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Little Brother Chained To My Toilet


Melissa there is something you wanted to show me? After leaving the gym Melissa brought me back to her place to show me the boy chained to her toilet, she said he agreed to be her toilet slave, I laugh at the fact it’s a little boy with a mouth gag in, and face covered, I ask her to uncover his face so I can see who I will pee on since I’ve never done this before I told Melissa I would just pee. She reveled his face, and It is my little brother! Oh yes Melissa this is my little brother, You know what we are going to have some fun I sit above him, and fart in his face making him eat my farts, teasing him because of all the times he has gotten me into trouble. Don’t even think about touching my pussy, only my stinky ass I did just leave the gym. I pull down my pants and make him drink my strong pee. Does it taste good little brother? There is more where that came from I am going to use you for my personal toilet, I shit into his mouth, he begs and cry’s but I fill it up anyway! Teasing and taunting him about how pathetic he looks, I grab my tablet and snap a picture of him and tell him I will be back for many more visits.


Length:  13:04s 
Resolution: 2704x1524
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 912 MB

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