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Memorial Day Fart And Shit!


Happy Memorial Day!

I’m spending the day with my family but I am having the worst gas ever! I know I need to poop soon! Hopefully I can get rid of all this gas before I need to leave! How embarrassing would be it be have all these farts escaping my asshole in front of my family! I would be so humiliated if I farted in front of my family! Especially know how turned on I get when I fart!

I lock myself in my bathroom and fart up a storm! Oh course I start to enjoy it and start to get really turned on! I love how beautiful my asshole looks today! I can’t help but finger my dirty shithole! I can feel my poop in there and I know I need to shit! My finger comes out dirty and I shove it in my mouth to clean it! Mmm! My asshole tastes and smells so good! I keep farting for you and talking dirty until it’s time to shit!

It’s a beautiful day so I go out onto my balcony to poop! I have to be quiet because I can hear my neighbors! I love shitting outside! I lean over the balcony railing and spread my ass. I push just a little and my shit starts to pour out of my ass! I really needed to shit! I push out a nice big stinky load! It feels amazing to finally get that shit out of me after farting all morning!


And Happy Memorial Day!


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I love to giggle while I make fun naughty scat videos for you!


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