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Micro Penis Toilet Slave


Upskirt shots with open-toed high heels instead of close-toed high heels…
More smaller than pinky finger comparison (a closeup or two of you putting you pinky finger up to the camera would be nice)
More pinky finger stroking (with two fingers) mocking
More sucking of the pinky finger to tease brother (from knuckle to tip) (some closeups of this if possible please)
Your pussy was blocked by the toilet seat for most of the last clip, please re-position yourself to make it visible throughout
More pinky finger pussy insertion
More farting before shitting please
Spitting throughout
More STH (small testicle humiliation) (calling them marbles, cranberries, peanuts, anything small any round – gerbils have bigger balls joke)
More jokes about him not being able to please a gerbil, hamster, or even bugs- call him a bugfucker
Please use each term at least once: micropenis, microdick, microcock, microprick, micro pecker
More jokes about him having what looks like female genitalia: big clit, clitty, clitty dick, mangina
SPH throughout was perfect (same amount)
Cum countdown again with jokes about tiny load his tiny balls produce


Length:  13:08s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 760 MB

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