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My very first smearing video


Hello boys…This was a failed attempt at totally satisfying a customer; I forgot to spray the stinky room with air freshener lol! I did not follow that part of the script, therefore a remake is in order. Although it wasn’t done to total satisfaction, I decided to share this video. I give thanks to my wonderful customer for giving me permission to share it with all of you. 🙂 I start out posing in my tight ass jeans, then I take them off and get into my favorite doggy-style position to take a nice shit. I fart a few times, some nice juicy farts too. I then do something that I’ve never done before, something I thought I would never do, but sometimes I would do almost anything to please my fans, so I decided to smear some of that filthy shit on my butt. I put some on my tits, and then I roll around in it. It felt really weird, but if I know that he is getting turned on then I get turned on. I can’t wait to do the remake of this video for one of my very special customers. Next time I will be sure to do it exactly as he likes it. 😉


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Shitting makes me horny…


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