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Naughty little guy


ORDER: you come back from the night out and then show us the little man that is stuck head deep in your asshole. You could then take him out and inspect him. You tell us that it is nice that you put the special glue as you dont feel him wiggling around just his head moving, usually after you blast a fart in it. You then tell him that you feel really gassy after drinking so much and the night is about to get even worse. You then say that you will keep the gag in his mouth as it is more fun to know he can only sniff through his nose. You then start farting on him in different positions. At one point after unleashing a big fart you say to yourself that it was abit wet, so decide to take him out and remove his mouth gag as his nose is probably blocked now.You tell him that he is like your little toy and you dont want to ki ll him just now but want to use him as a fart slave for as long as you can. Maybe fart in different positions, squatting, on the side etc and trying to always show the tiny man stuck inside your asshole


Length:  11:57s 
Resolution: 1280x720
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