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New Relationship Rules


Welcome home baby! Did you forget something earlier…You your phone…

What the FUCK were you thinking? Did you think I wouldn’t find out?! How the FUCK is Melanie?! I’m tempted to walk out that door and NEVER come back!

Stop crying! I MIGHT be convinced to stay…but on MY terms. First I’m going to start by fucking you asshole with my giant cock. Oh jeez. Don’t cry again! Would you like it if I sat on your face instead? Yes?….*FFFFFAAAAAARRRRRRTTTTTTTT*You didn’t REALLY think I was going to let you off THAT easily did you?! Don’t you dare move your face bitch!

I fart with and without my spandex jean like shorts all over your face. I shove my asshole into your nose so you have NO escape from the smell! Oh in case you’re wondering, Melanie is on her way over right now! Why? To help me with your punishment of course! She and I had a nice long chat while you were gone. We are going to fuck your ass and fart on your face on the same time! You’re in for a LONG night!


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