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You have bought a tiny slave online apparently called Marc, who looks scared and begging for help. You decide to use him for your evil fantasies, so inserting his head inside your asshole to taste it and keeping him there all day as you fart on him. You fart in different positions, mainly ass worship camera style, and showing in extreme close up the poor man getting Tormented. Sometimes you would have your thongs on top of him and others to the side. You would Coerce him to lick, taste your asshole, sniff your farts. After some time you take him out of his misery to get dressed to go to a party, in sexy heels and mini skirt. You tease Marc /the camera in ass worship style on how sexy you look and showing him where he will spend the night. The next scene would be upskirt view whilst you are at the party. We would hear you speaking to people with music in the back. We would see you discretly inserting/ adjusting Marc in your asshole under your skirt just before a fart, before snapping your thongs back on top. The next scene is in the bathroom of the party, you finally take him out to enjoy watching how he is suffering. You decide to play a little with him there since you finally have some privacy. You toy with him holding Marc by his feet and rubbing his head inside your asshole as you fart more Finally, you are back home and decide to make him lick clean your dirty thongs and asshole Please include lots of farts, lots of very evil dialogues and sexy views and improv.



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