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One Stinky Bathroom


Custom: I have always wanted a video where before starting or going to the bathroom you would comment or document the lead up time like lounging on the couch or in your room and talking about how bad you now need to go fir a poop or how bloated/ gassy you will be for it..about to explode etc..Maybe shot selfie style or etc and then show yourself walk from wherever you are to the bathroom behind the scenes style and then set up the cam on tripod to shoot you wide enough in the bathroom to see you full body from face down to see pants around ankles view and then take your pants down bare butt facing the cam and sit on the toilet to go. While going you would have a very explosive or gassy poop naturally based on what you ate and talk about the specific smell of the poop..describing it, what you ate and how you feel during and etc. After going you would wipe, flush and pull up pants butt facing camera and then comment again on the smell, spray or light match etc, eash hands and then show yourself maybe selfie style again walk out and comment on what you just did, smell..dont go in there for a few type of feel and go back to what you were doing with sighs of relief. It could end after that. My vision was to really see a behind the scenes documentary style vid to a very bloated and gassy poop. ..the lead up and wrap up with you at home etc.


Length:  9:33s 
Resolution: 1280x720
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 443 MB


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