Open Up And Eat My Shit
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Open Up And Eat My Shit


You wake up the next morning in my bathroom tied up and laying face up on the floor. I am at the sink brushing my teeth. I notice you are awake and walk over you. I
explain that I noticed you looking at my ass in class and that I am going to show me what asses really do. I turn around facing away from you and squat over you with my
yoga pants still on and tell you to breath in my ass. You jiggle it a few times then stand back up. You notice I have a hard on from you squatting over me and snicker.

Then I clutch my stomach and exclaim “It’s time.” I pull down my pants and thong slowly, then squat back over your face. I tell you that you are going to be my
toilet and command me to open. I don’t at first and I threaten to suffocate you with my ass if I don’t. You finally do and I start to piss in your mouth. When I am done
I tell you that i am not finished with YOU and that I have to take a huge dump. You start to moan in resistance but I tell you to “shut the fuck up and open wide”. I
then proceed to unload a huge, messy, overwhelming size load in your mouth. When I am done I get back up, turn to you and admire how much I dumped on You.





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