Pastor Gets a Gassy New Religion


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I’m just relaxing on my couch when I hear a knock on the door. It turns out to be a local pastor going door to door trying to convert people to followers of Christianity. I laugh at the small stature of the pathetic man, and drag him inside to have a go at him.

As he explains his case, I notice he is staring directly at my tits, to which he stands at eye level. I call him out on being a pervert and he tries to deflect, but I smother his face in my huge boobs and insult him because I know what I saw.

Now that I know what kind of scum bag he is, I hold nothing back. I ask him how he can believe God made him if he is so short and ugly. Why would God make something so repulsive to look at? He gets upset and tries to leave, but I lock him in with no escape. I tell him that he is going to become the follower of a new religion, one which empowers females and enslaves lowly men.

I push him to the floor and spread my huge ass cheeks apart. I tell him to kiss his new God’s asshole. That’s right. From now on, he refers to ME as Goddess and will reject Christ. I blast a fart in his face. He hates it and coughs.

For the last 10 minutes of the clip, I unload my stinky farts onto his face while inducting him into his new religion. I tell him that my religion is very strict and promotes capital punishment for misbehavior. Kitten thinks Jesus’ way of love and forgiveness is better, but I tell him that Jesus is stupid as fuck and fart in his face.

He licks and kisses my asshole at my command as the humiliation continues. As he inhales his divine gas, he slowly becomes more entranced by the allure of his new Goddess. He gives in to sin and denies Christianity before the power of his true lord and savior, Me. He loves my big, stinky, heavy and perfect ass completely covering his face.

As I describe how he will learn to accept all of my waste into his body as my toilet in the future, I finish farting in his face and the induction ritual is complete. I give him a new chastity device as an essential religious accessory under my leadership. Masturbation is forbidden for short and ugly males and males with small dicks–in this case, both.

I send him off to put it on. His first day free from Christ has begun.


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