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Public Farting and Fun!


I am walking around a store just shopping and having fun when my belly starts cramping and I can feel all this pressure building up! I’ve got to fart! And I’ve got to fart bad!!!

I go into the public bathroom and start farting right away! I’m going to stink this bathroom up so bad with all of this big stinky farts! They are ripping out of my ass! Oh man! Do they stink!

I am having fun farting in the bathroom when I hear someone come in! I still have to fart thought! I am sure she can smell my ass! I seriously stunk up that bathroom!

I can hear the woman in the next stall as I let out the biggest, loudest fart ever! I am so embarrassed and turned on! I know she heard me! So I let out another big stinky loud fart! And then another! All while she is in the bathroom! You can totally hear my farts echoing on the bathroom walls!

After farting so load and really stinking up that public bathroom I realize I need to shit bad! This bathroom is going to reek when I’m done with it! I sit down on the dirty public bathroom and start to push and grunt and strain to push those big stinky turds out of my smelly ass! All I can smell is my stinky farts and my shit! My pussy is drenched in piss and girl juices. I start to rub my clit and moan.

I start to wipe my ass clean. I love rubbing the shit off my shithole with rough toilet paper. I am desperate to cum now! I rub my pussy and moan. Just as I am about to cum someone walks into the public bathroom! I EXPLODE into orgasm! The thought of some random stranger smelling my poop and hearing me masturbating makes me cum so hard!

I hope you cum just as hard as I do!



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I love to giggle while I make fun naughty scat videos for you!


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