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Saline Laxative and Coconut Oil


Veronica wanted to do something special for you toilet lovers today, so she ate a big plate of beans and tofu for lunch. A couple of hours ago, she took ate some coconut oil and drank a Saline Laxative Oral Solution. Now, she let’s you watch as she uses the toilet for the FIRST time in TWO DAYS! Watch as she smiles looses her bowels and erupts into the toilet with a loud, wet diarrhea. After a few minutes, she thinks she is done. However when she stands up, she realizes she is very wrong and far from done. She sits her big ass back down on the toilet and lets more erupt out of her asshole. If that’s not bad enough, Her room mate comes in search of her and walks in as she is taking some wet slimy dumps. How embarrassing!!! Rated PG GIF for your enjoyment. To see the nasty shit, you gotta get this video.


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