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Shrunken idiot in my ass



The type of scenario I was hoping would be where you are holding this tiny shrunken man, dressed in a sexy thong and wearing high heels and explain how some idiot volunteered himself on a forum to be your shrunken slave for a day. To his surprise that is if he makes it out alive after what you have planned for him.

Still holding him in between your fingers, you would then explain to us (camera) how you have dipped his little body from the shoulders down in some special glue to prevent him from escaping or wiggling too much. You will be forcing farts down his throat and up his nostril for your own enjoyment throughout your days from now on. No mercy for him. This will most likely be the most extreme way to be by farts you thought. You tell him how you have taken off his gag now as you will be enjoying hearing his muffled screams after you blast fart after fart in his face.

You then explain to us (camera) how you will be putting the gag in his tiny little mouth when you go out of the house, so that he wont be able to cry out for help and nobody will ever know he is trapped inside your dirty smelly thongs being rubbed against your sweaty asshole and farted on. You also like the idea of having him only breathing through his nostrils as you will be destroying them with your giant farts. You then bring him closer to your face and tell him the only people aware of his shrunken existence is yourself and your loyal spectators who will be enjoying his daily torment too. You let a first big fart out telling him that’s where he is going. Doomed inside your asscrack. You place him head first in your asshole and wedge your thongs back tightly behind him.

You then proceed to fart on him as much as you can like you do best. Some really wet ones too and in different position (lying on your side, standing up…) and also giving us some extreme close ups of him being wedged inside with only his tiny feet sticking out. You would fart on him in thongs but also nude, simply sticking him back inside your asshole if he blows out for the nude ones. Sometimes pressing your finger on the back of your thongs or directly on him as you let some big ones out instructing him to sniff (so casually just saying “sniff” and even things like “put your head back inside, how dare you”). On some occasions you would also speak to yourself saying things like “poor little guy, the stench must be unbearable” and saying how you can hear his screams before asking the camera if we can make out what he is saying.

In response to his cries you would simply fart on him telling him “shut up” or “bitch”. At the end of the clip you take him out of your asshole and after commenting on the stench you proceed to place your finger on his head pretending that you are gagging his mouth before.

After placing him back inside your asshole and readjusting your thongs, you answer your phone and tell your friend that you got her text and are almost ready to go for a drunken night in town with her and the girls. You then put a small skirt on/tight spandex letting some last farts out “Right inside your nostrils only for tonight bitch” and then laughing out loud as you comment on how noisy it will be in the bars and how drunk and careless you will be so there really wasnt any need for gagging him except for your own amusement of knowing how much he is suffering under there and no one will ever suspect of anything. Welcome to his new life!


Length:  20:39s 
Resolution: 1280x720
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