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Slave To White Panty FARTS


Thank you so much for agreeing to this and helping me out. I know it’s awkward but the smell of my own farts really bother me and I appreciate you offering to inhale them for me. It must be awful for you! Let’s get started!I blow some seriously Airy farts and a ton of them. They just keep coming.

I take a moment to check on you and make sure you’re ok. Oh no! You’re flushed are you ok?! ….What that tent in your pants… OMG you’re enjoying this!! You lied to me?!?! I’m teach you to lie to me!!!

I start blasting more and more farts! Airy ones, Bassy Ones, Wet ones, Explosive ones ect! There is no end in sight and I won’t stop until you’ve learned your lesson!! Did you just get sick on my floor! Clean it up! I don’t care how badly these farts smell and I don’t care that they are making you sick. You WILL take your Punishment!!!


Length:  6:26s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 216 MB

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