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Squished Between My Cheeks


Here’s a scenario that I would be ever so grateful if you could perform: You walk in the room in high heels back from a long day out in town. You find a tiny little man on the floor (less then 1 inch tall figurine) and are curious to what it is. Holding him up to your face you comment on how he looks exactly like that guy that was harassing you at the club last night. Not knowing that he is alive you find it amused that you have just found a tiny replica version of him so you then decide to make him suffer. Holding him by his feet, you proceed to making him sniff the fabric of your panties/thong which has been rubbing against your asshole all day commenting on how disgusting it probably is down their before farting on him. You then lie down on your stomach, reading a book/ or on your phone and insert him inside your assshole leaving only his little feet sticking out. Unaware of his struggles, you then start farting carelessly on him. After a few minutes of ripping some big farts on him, you realize how great it is to have this miniature version of the asshole at the club inside your asshole as he is preventing the fumes of your farts and smell of your ass from escaping. You switch to different positions ripping more farts on him ( if possible please do some close up views). Towards the end you put your dirty thongs/panties back up tight against your asshole with him in their and walk around a bit cutting some more farts as you get ready to go out for a meal.


Length:  5:41s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 123 MB

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