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I stuff him full with my morning shit!


One of the hardest Scat sessions. My long-time toilet lay all night in my bathroom. The bathroom is right next to the bedroom. He was able to learn in, as I did sex last night with my sweetheart 🙂 In between we use him as a toilet and pissed in cuckold mouth. After sex I do so much;) Today i the morning, he become the full load morning shit in his face. My morning shit is especially creamy 🙂 He had to serve until the next day as a toilet. When we came home at night, the pig was still with the shit in the face on the floor. I had ordered him to swallow everything and lick clean until we come back. As punishment, I stuff the shit in his mouth and in the nose. Either swallow or choke 🙂 Finally he become a special beauty mask from the Lady. Then he can go to to his bitch They must lick my shit from his stupid face 🙂


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