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Sugar Hill’s Monster Ass Debut!!!


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(2 customer reviews)

After hitting y’all with the old in my last clip, now we move on to BIGGER AND BETTER THINGS!! Keyword being BIG!! It don’t get bigger than Sugar Hills Mega Badonk!! I swear I feel like the luckiest Man in the world sometimes!!! Sugar Hill is one of my favorite Pornstars. Even though she only did like 6 movies, and walked away. I never got over that ass!! I mean just look at it!!! If you never have seen one of her movies, just go to your favorite pornsite and type in Sugar Hill. You will see why her videos have over 5 million views on Pornhub and Xvideos!! She has one of those asses that you can only dream of!!! I literally fantazied and masturbated to that ass too many times to count! You can literally put a cup on there and walk away!! I met her in my city a few years ago then linked up with her on Twitter and we have been friends ever since!! One of the nicest, sweetest women you will meet in the Adult Film Industry! I finally got to telling her about my site and she was down to make a few clips for your boy!! She is looking forward to stepping into the Farting and EFRO world. Enjoy as that Monster ass screams damn near as she rips off some massive farts!! Enjoy four great Pooping, peeing, and farting clips. She got so much ass it was nearly impossible to get it all on screen!! This is the first of many more coming from Sugar Hill as she begins her foray into this fetish!!


Length:  6:23s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
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For lovers of my old Clips4sale site, Ladies Keeping it funky is back – RAW AND UNCUT!!!  Nothing but unedited Grunts, Plops, and Strains from sexy ladies of all shapes, sizes, and colors!!  A diverse array of poop from a diverse array of lovely ladies from all over North America!!  Check here for the best in Natural Toilet action – with the occasional extras!! 100 % uncensored footage of Ladies Pooping and Farting!! If you are more into Natural Poop and EFRO, this is the site for you!!! Regular girls letting you behind the bathroom door!  Watch as these formerly shy ladies get more and more comfortable in front of the camera!!  For those that like women in the act of natural pooping and EFRO.  Be sure to checkout our other sites  and my Members site for content beyond the scat realm!! Also checkout My Partners in Crime Honey Brown at and  Stacey Short!! You can see Stacey Short right here at Scatshop at!!

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2 reviews for Sugar Hill’s Monster Ass Debut!!!

  1. Profile photo of xover
    2 out of 5


    She’s got potential, but needs some serious practice with the self shoots. Half the video is in near complete darkness (giant wonderful ass blocking the light source) and the other half is sharper, but with poor angles. Hoping for more from the next vid!

  2. Profile photo of bobolilshoes
    3 out of 5


    the video is great but the first 2 minutes you can not see anything because there was no light. But other than that great video I wanted to see her shit for years.

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