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In this instalment you once again get to masturbate watching how people suffer eating and swallowing my shit. Swallowing a woman’s turds and even worse, her diarrhea is not such an easy task as you might think. In this amazing compilation shit eating video you get to see me pull up my tight little blue dress, take a massive thick and creamy shit and then watching my slave as he eats and swallow the entire load on camera for you right in front of the regular bathroom toilet. Reminding him the woman’s shit he is eating and swallowing actually belongs in toilets. In the other scenes you get to see me take a strong liquid shit from my enema right into his open mouth. Few things feel as good for me as the feeling of my colon cleansing blasting down men’s throats! This shit eating compilation video is courtesy of:

Broken Toilet 42:
Today I’m doing almost a documentary type of video lol. I hope you like my new short & tight little blue dress? I’m wearing it as a treat for you today while feeding my slave from my ass. My slave didn’t have dinner yet. After eating all the delicious meals he made for me right in front of him the past day and a half I could feel nature calling. I needed to use the toilet.

So I came up with this bright idea. Why don’t I just take a shit and let him eat that as dinner? I know it’s humiliating and degrading to the poor slave but it would make ME feel good. I made the decision so he will have to eat my shit as dinner.

You’ll see me pull up my little blue dress as I take a seat over the side of the tub. My bottom being filmed up close from underneath in crystal clear video for you. The thick & creamy turds sliding out of my exposed asshole slowly were so long they almost made contact with the camera lens. I’m willing to bet you have not seen turds slowly sliding out of a girl’s asshole so up close in so much vivid detail.

I sat with my buttocks close together so you can see in perfect view how those thick & creamy turds push my ass cheeks apart as they stretch my little asshole open. A slow and big shit filmed very close-up. You can see some of my sticky shit smears remaining on my asshole as I get up (he will lick it clean later in the video)

I filmed him up close in full view for you as he had to eat and swallow my turds, bite for bite, mouthful after mouthful. I made him eat ALL of it right in front of the regular bathroom toilet. This reminds him that I could’ve just taken this big shit in the regular toilet but chose to make him eat and swallow my turds, also showing him I consider a regular bathroom toilet higher than him.

He almost didn’t make it, that last piece of my turds was a pretty big one requiring more chewing. Seeing him struggle to keep his gagging under control while eating the very same shit that felt so great to push out mere minutes ago was sooooo EROTIC! I also give you some documentary style commenting in between about him eating me shit and why I enjoy it so much.

Like a great toilet slave he even licked the shit streaks left by my turds off the ground sheet and asked me if he may lick my asshole clean for me. He thanked me for saying he may.

I marked my territory properly afterwards be grinding my shit smeared asshole right into his nose. He is my property after all and everybody should know it. In order to thank me for the honor of giving me amusement & pleasure by eating my entire bowel movement he licked my asshole clean, nice and deep.

I personally feel if all of us girls start making our slaves eat our shit daily like I do with mine we can actually solve the world food crisis, don’t you toilet slaves agree?

Drinking My Enema From My Ass:
I LOVE finding new ways to humiliate and make my loser slave suffer to prove himself to me even more. I’ve heard about a lot of health benefits by cleaning out your colon with enema so I decided it’s time to give it a try. Apparently your intestines get quite nasty & dirty over the years and I saw with me own eyes this is very true.

I used only pure water and kept it in for many hours to ensure all the old shit in there can dissolve. I was concerned that it might be a really nasty explosion of sewage coming out of me so didn’t want to risk making such a mess in my shiny porcelain toilet. So I decided to rather let my enema explode into my slave’s mouth so he can drink it for me.

I lay with my full weight on top of him and like the good slave he is he even pulled his legs up for a back rest to ensure my total comfort. He licked my smelly asshole to give me relief and pleasure as I relaxed and let my enema explode into his loser mouth and face.

It looked and smelled AWFUL! The water discolored to a browning color as some of my old feces in my colon dissolved and mixed with it into a watery shit sludge. It looked and smelled identical to raw sewage! It’s actually amazing and disgusting what can accumulate in your colon over the years.

Despite this I experienced a pleasure and relief I never felt before, therefor my decision not to show my slave any mercy. He had no choice, I let him drink ALL of my enema as it exploded out of my asshole, every last drop! Despite the fact that I enjoyed this a LOT I have to admit it was also special and intimate as you’ll see in the second angle camera shot. It felt so good letting my shit sludge vile enema out into his mouth and hear him drink I couldn’t help but tenderly touching his arms. There’s something special about a slave putting himself through such an ordeal for your delight and pleasure.

I was sure a felt a number of solid chunks of my shit that didn’t complete dissolve exit my asshole and I was right. There was quite a few of those pieces that missed his mouth as my enema blasted into his mouth and over his face. So I did something very intimate and special. With my bare hands I picked up those chunks of my own shit and tenderly hand fed him in close up crystal clear view for you. I made him chew and swallow each and every one of those chunks as I felt the wet soaking feeling of my own juices from arousal forming between my legs. It was so erotic!

Be sure to check out all my other intense and kinky clips! xoxo


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South African Goddess showing you her creamy feces and how to use a toilet slave properly xoxo



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