Sydnee Capri’s “Hot, Wet, & Juicy” Quarantine Farts!


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There is not one day that goes by that I don’t get a “Is Sydnee Capri Still making clips?” Or “Is Sydnee Capri still available?” questions! NOT ONE!! Well there is no need to wonder anymore folks, the legend has returned!!

Sydnee Capri is literally one the 1st ebony Mainstream Pornstars I ever saw making fetish clips. She was KEEPING IT FUNKY waaaaaaaay before this store or even this site existed!! Unlike most of her peers, she also had no shame whatsoever – as many film Farting, Scat, watersports, and gagging content – but often under different aliases. Even to this day, there are plenty that do this in hiding – including on my store! But Sydnee has been doing her thing for at least 15 years by my estimates, and as I have mentioned before she was the 1st to reach out to me – I NEVER had to recruit her as we have been in business even before Scatshop itself was in existence!

In her FUNKY return, She is working from home her regular nine to five (THAT my friends is why you don’t see her often, THIS FUNKY lady like almost all has a normal life when they arent’ entertaining you turds) at home when she has the urge to sneak into the bathroom to push out a few farts. These were some wet, stanky, FUNKY farts. She keeps errupting with epic farts and sharts, to the point she had to go get some spray because she couldn’t take her own FUNK! I can only imagine how them jeans smelled!! Looks like Sydnee pushed a little too, as she pushed out one fart that turned into a shart! watch as the wet spot forms immediately in those tight jeans! Sydnee Capri is back with a bang in her first FUNKY treat in two years!



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