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Taste These Farts Slave!


I left my fart cuckold at home while I went to dinner with a real man. As soon as I get home, I shove his face into my ass while wearing my slutty gold hot pants but I notice my ass has gotten sweaty in the spandex. I need the slave to clean all the sweat out my ass! It stinks! I can’t help but feel a bit of rumbling in my tummy and let it out in the slave’s mouth. I pull down my shorts and tell him to start licking! The slave starts tonguing my asshole. I need him to consume all of the stench! My date fed me some serious grease and now I use the gas it produces to feed my slave! I grab his head and tells him to suck it out of my asshole. She holds his head in her ass as she farts again. The slave tries to struggle but it’s no use! There is no escape!


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Length: 5:53s
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