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Teacher’s New Toilet Slave


You walk into detention late again, but we are the only two inside the class. Brent we have something to discuss, I know what you did in class yesterday and please do not try and deny it. Please explain to me why you had and erection and were masturbating to me your teacher in class, do I arouse you? When I am bent over helping your classmates learn you masturbate to my ass and leave your sperm on the floor for me to clean up! I do not like your explanation you little perv this is how we are going to handle this, I lift my skirt just a little tell me what you like about my ass, the size shape or the firmness of it ? If you play this right your principle and parents wont have to know about this, come here I pull down my panties and you stick your tongue in my ass, and to your surprise you get something on your tongue, yes that’s shit sweetie you will need to get the rest of it out now since you started poking around in there, get on your knees and open your sicko mouth I poop a very large amount into your mouth and you spit it out, keep jerking that cock you didn’t mind it yesterday now you have a piece of my ass in your mouth you had better keep it hard, and you will need to clean the floor of all of my shit, I’m not your maid you sick freak eat my shit. I know you secretly love it I can see your cumming now lick up the mess I want to see my reflection! Now head home and feel lucky this didn’t have to go further, but it can I have you in my class everyday for the next year you sick fuck!


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