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The Shit Pool


I had to go down to Boston for the week-end. 14 hours of driving. Had some fast food all the way and now I’ve been constipated for 3 days. July 15th… it’s a hot day, I need to refresh. I have this pool; all I need to do is to fill it up. Why not fill it with shit?! Where to get so much shit? What about a massive enema session? I install myself outside in the drive way, with a canister and enough warm water to refill my enema bottle 20 times. Filled my ass up, an shit, and fart and piss, and shit some more, solid, liquid, and fill it again, flies fly around in numbers, smells like shit, real strong, the pail gets full, I’m emptied of all my gas and shit load. It’s time for some more shitty fun, phone calling a friend to throw the shit pail over my filthy whore body and have a nice scat play with the turds found in my puddle!


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Aive and shitting! I’m a mature shit cunt enjoying a sticky life style.


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