Trapped In My Ass Jar
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Trapped In My Ass Jar


I’ve trapped some bastard slaves , and I’ve been gorging myself on them for the past few days.
They’re fun to swallow whole, but they give me a lot of gas. I taunt the slaves about how I’ve been digesting them all, and then they give me gas, I place my ass hovering over the jar and fart on them several times, heavily taunting them about their future fate. I mention how they’re being all turned into my shit and I will eventually shit them out onto the toilet, and that they’re all going to suffer the same fate eventually.
I fart twice with the leggings on, pull them down and then a few just the panties on, and one or two final farts naked with my asshole over the jar making a good seal. Finally, I pick one of them up and swallow them whole, then talk to the remaining slaves that I will show them what my body does to him.
I tell the remaining slaves that the last slave has been fully digested. I place the jar underneath my toilet chair. I do a little ass tease in the leggings, sitting on the toilet seat with the leggings on, have a few farts, then I fart a few times in the shiny panties while sitting on the toilet seat. Finally I am ready to shit out yesterdays little slaves. I sit back down and shit out the remains of the slave nice long turds and wash them down with my pee splashing and scaring the other slaves.
I swallow the last slave after showing him his fate!





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