Trapped In My Ass & Pooping You Out
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Trapped In My Ass & Pooping You Out


Good morning my little toys, I’ve been collecting all of you for months, and I really enjoyed eating your friend Sam last night, but he did give me gas. I start to fart into the jar so you have to breath in my toxic ass farts . I pull my panties down and more nasty smelling farts goes into your lungs. I put some of your friends into my ass and shoot them out like cannon balls. And one of them gets stuck in my poop, so I decide to stuck some of your friends in my ass and shit them out. Push them out and they land in the pile of shit getting stuck, the only way to get out is to eat your way out, eat it or die! I love to  torture my little people I grab some more, and stick them in my shit farting on their  faces, and laughing at them trying to escape.





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