Valentine’s Day Hookup Goes Very Wrong


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A few days ago, I matched with this beta loser on Tinder and sweet-talked him into coming over to his place on Valentine’s Day. See, this is something I do every year. In between two other ‘real’ hookups, I arrange to meet with an absolute wimp and use them as a cum mop, foot cleaner, toilet, or whatever I want. I view it as an act of charity, because these kinds of men would otherwise just be alone and ignored on the couples holiday!

So I show up to Kitten’s place and he is so eager to make small talk and get to know each other, but I shut him down immediately and demand that he licks my asshole. He complies with very little resistance, it’s truly embarrassing. I laugh at him and explain the situation that he is in. I’m on a time crunch and need my holes thoroughly cleaned before my next fuck, which won’t be with him.

He is devastated, but continues lapping away at my freshly fucked ass. I fart in his face several times and tell him to stop flinching and get used to it. He is one of the best clean up cucks I’ve ever used so I tell him I might make him my permanent cleaner. He is humiliated but knows deep down that he’s actually lucky.

After 6 minutes, I order him to talk my shoes off and lick my feet clean. They are very very dirty as you see in this clip, and I wipe them up and down his disgusting mouth while I continue to verbally diminish his value to nothing.

After 10 minutes, he gets to taste my cummy pussy and admits to it being his first time ever. I tell him that I love using virgins because they’re way easier to manipulate and break down. A few minutes later, I sit on his face and shake my ass, plopping down to try and shake out more cum.

14 minutes in, I send him to the floor and smother him with my pussy more while berating his tiny shriveled dick. I slap it around, pretend I’m going to lick it, then pull away, and tease it with my big boobs while he eats my pussy until I cum. Even as his shrimp dick hardens, it’s still so small and useless.

After I cum, I need to pee. I tell him no need to direct me to the bathroom, I’m just going to use his mouth. At this point, he is completely broken down and just accepts it. I cackle as he swallows my juice and cries. When I finish, I head off for my next date and wish him a happy Valentine’s Day!


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