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The Only Way


I know we have been together for a while now and there is something I wanted to tell you before we have sex today, promise you won’t freak out. Well I do not really know how to tell you this but, I’ve never had an orgasm before, The only way for me to have an orgasm is for me to shit into your mouth. I know its a strange fetish but I’ve had this fantasy since I was a little girl. Please do not think differently of me, will you help me with this please? Wow I was not sure how you would react to this but I am so happy you want to help, now please lay on the floor and I will place my toilet over you body. Keep your lips to my ass and as I shit into your mouth swallow my shit as fast as I give it to you. I am looking down at you and getting so turned on I start rubbing my clit pushing and pushing to get a nice poop for my very first orgasm, as I push it out I moan loudly and experience my first orgasm, you swallow and make me very happy.


Length:  9:40s 
Resolution: 1920x1090
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