Whip Cream Assplosion
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Whip Cream Assplosion


I prepare a breakfast plate with eggs and toast. But there is one thing missing and it is my homemade sausage ;). So the plate would be on the table. You go up on a chair, I put my tushy right above the food and poop right on the plate. My homemade sausage is so Delicious I show you how perfectly cooked it is.

I almost forgot my pancakes I need to put some special ingredient on it. I grab my whip cream bottle and insert it into my butthole. Squeezing out the cream and making my pancakes look delicious, do you want to taste?

I love the way the whip cream feels in my butt filling me up I flip upside down and squirt the can in my ass over and over again. It makes a HUGE mess shooting out and flying in the air. Come and see the mess fun your self so much fun I roll around in the mess and blow you a kiss!





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