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yoga fartsyoga fartsyoga fartsyoga farts

Yoga Blast Farts


Just had a lovely day outside & was about to relax but something is stirring in my belly…..its gas!
I just can’t hold them in and when I was at yoga class they were coming out of my spandex. I thought once I got home I’d be cured but they got worse!
I wanted to stretch a little on my bed but even when I did a back bend the farts all came out….I just can’t stop them!

Clip Includes: farting, flexible, stretching, tight pants, lots of farts, loud farts, fart while stretching, hot girl farting, smelly, stinky, ass teasing, verbal humiliation, ass worship.


Length:  7:23s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 1 GB


Poop, Desperation (accidents), Diapers(ABDL), Efro(Sexy Poop), Enema, Farting, Panty Shitting, Nylon Shitting, Bikini Shitting, Constipation, Diarrhea, Grunting, Toilet Slavery/Humiliation(training you to eat & smell my shit), Accidental Smearing(not forced).

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