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Your friend’s wife


It’s custom request, no names were used.nly preview is on ff:)

you’re the wife of one of my friends. There’s a party at your house. You’re feeling tired so you decide to go to bed. You’re in your bedroom and you’re getting undressed. You take off all your clothes except for your panties. You really have to fart. So you start farting for a couple of minutes. Then you hear a noise. I had followed you upstairs and was jerking off watching you. You’re kind of angry but also embarrassed because you’ve been farting a lot. I tell you that it turns me on when you fart. You tell me that you love to fart but your husband always gets mad at you so you try not to. You tell me that it would be fun to watch me jerk off to your farts. So you keep farting a lot and watching me jerk off and encouraging me. You tell me that you want to fart right on my dick and you come closer. You laugh because I get so hard when you do that. You tell me that we’ll have to do this again because it’s not really cheating….we’re just having some fun! You tell me you want to watch me cum to your farts and I shoot my cum all over. Then you tell me that you know I like panties and you want me to have these panties that you’ve been farting in so I can jerk off with them. You take them off and give them to me….


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