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A little desperation


Another golden oldie. This was maybe my second pee video ever. In this one, I drank a little too much and I see how long I can hold it without accidentally pissing on the floor. I am sitting down in a chair with my legs crossed. My lower stomach is tight and aching. I tell you how I have to pee. I’ll occasionally stand up and show you my little bulge, but I can’t stand up for too long. I am restless. I keep telling myself, “I can’t pee on the carpet.”, but I start to leak a little. I try to stop the flow, but every time I leak the flow becomes heavier. Eventually, I can’t stand it anymore and I let the rest of my yellow pee out onto the carpet. I realize what a mistake I have made. I wonder what my boyfriend would say about the pee stain on the carpet. I hope he isn’t mad!


Length:  13:08s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
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Pee queen


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