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Desperation wetting jeans.


It was a really long day … First, a lot of work, meeting friends and shopping. I bought a new pair of jeans. They were wonderful. Already in the dressing room, I noticed that the lock slightly to jam but I decided to buy them. After shopping, I could still drink 2 cups of coffee. When I felt that it starts to want me to pee I decided to go home.
Even going up the stairs I knew I had to pee as soon as possible.
When I went to the bathroom and found the lock on my new jeans stuck I was terrified.I tried to do everything to not think about how I really want me to pee, and I tried to fix the lock. Unfortunately it was not possible
My bladder was so full that in the end I had to pee. A huge stream began to go through my legs and soak my jeans. I felt an incredible relief … but who now buy me a new pair of jeans :)?


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