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Erotic desperation and explosive piss


Look at me. I’m all dressed up for you in cute black lingerie with a extremely full bladder that is ready to burst. I cannot sit or stand straight. I can’t stand still either. If I stay in one place the urge to wet myself. I stand up, sit down, and even lay down. But I can’t get comfy. I have to piss so fucking bad. I try to use my hitachi, but my over filled bladder causes me to cum too quickly. I take off my panties, which exposes my pussy to the open air and makes me have to pee even more. It doesn’t take long before I have to pee. I bring the measuring cup close to my pussy and release a messy jet of pee loudly into he cup without hesitation. It sprays everywhere but my body won’t let me stop to adjust my piss flaps. I let it spray everywhere as the cup quickly fills all the way to the top. If piss hadn’t sprayed everywhere, I would have easily overflowed it. My bladder is full and after cumming during peeing, I am ready to have a nap. cumming so many times and holding all that pee made me tired.


Length:  10:58s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
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Pee queen


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