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In between legs desperation and peeing


I’m working at my computer. I’ve had several cups of coffee to stay focused on all this work. I have no time to use the restroom. Instead, I sit at my desk absolutely desperate for a pee. My legs keep shaking and I keep grabbing my vagina, but I must stay focused. I have to pee so bad though. I can hold it. I keep shaking but I can’t hold it anymore. A trickle of pee comes out. I try to hold it as I finish up my last bit of work, but my bladder has other plans. I then start peeing all over the chair. It flows off the chair and on to the ground. I am sitting in a puddle of pee. I tip the chair over and a waterfall of pee flows on to the floor. Now I have to clean up this mess. I should have just gone to the toilet…


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Pee queen


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