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Longest pee caught on cam.


This was a custom request. I was to fill my bladder up to the max and hold my pee while spreading my pussy lips before letting out an explosive pee. I do this. It is very hard and my clit is burning like hell from all the pee that pressing up against my exposed urethra. I talk about how utterly desperate I am and how hard it is to expose myself in this way while holding it. I have had a bit of a cough and its hard to cough and not piss everywhere. I try and stifle them as best as possible, but it’s hard. I cough and you see my pussy throb. The pee is right as my piss hole. It burns so bad. I can’t help but cough. Suddenly a little bit of piss dribbles out. I try to control it, but the next cough lead to a bursting stream of piss to shoot out of my urethra. My bladder is so full that my sphincter muscles keep locking up. I let out intermediate bursting pee streams for over 5 minutes. Every time I think I’m done, more pee comes out. You can see lots of creamy cum come out of my pussy. I came so hard because the relief feels so fucking good. If this piss were to be measured, it probably would have been more than 2 cups. I just can’t stop peeing. Finally, all the piss has been voided from my now aching bladder. I soaked 2 puppy pads almost all the way through. My bladder hurts and so does my other internal organs due to the stretching of my bladder. So much piss. After this, I had to go to sleep. My body took up so much energy holding that much pee. It’s shot up close see you can see my piss hole as it releases so much pee.


Length:  16:40s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 780 MB

Pee queen


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