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Naked piss accident in the bathroom


I am packing up my dorm room and I realize I have to piss,,,bad. I also realized that I accidentally packed the toilet paper away! I have peed on the floor a lot lately and I shouldn’t do it again since I’m about to move out. I frantically search everywhere for the missing roll while I fight the urge to wet myself. I finally find it and rush to the bathroom. Because I’m wearing a one piece, I have to strip down to nude. I struggle taking my clothes off. i can feel piss leaking. As soon as I get naked, I am about to sit on the toilet, a thick stream bursts out of my pussy. I can’t stop it. Piss is spraying all over the floor in toilet seat. I am too focused on the orgasmic relief of peeing to sit down. I finish and realize the size of the warm yellow puddle on the floor. I use my roommates towel to clean up the mess (oops)


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Pee queen


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