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I have no plumber but I must pee!


Tall pretty BBW Layla Moore is waiting, in the nude on the sofa, for the plumber to come to fix her toilet as part of the repairs to her apartment. The plumber is hours overdue and Layla’s bladder is *quite* full. Finally, she gives up. Layla bends over, grabs a basin and plops it on one of the construction tarps then pisses a hard stream.

Pee done, Layla is relieved. And there is still no sign of the plumber. Who may get sat on, and not in a fun way for him, when he finally arrives. Layla wipes the pee off of her leg and wipes her pussy clean.


Length:  2:26s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 96 MB

D. Hudson, fetish photographer extraordinaire. Custom orders welcome. I strive to deliver the best possible results.


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