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Peeing for my brother so he’ll do my homework


You told me you would do my homework, when do you start? What? You don’t want to do them? But why? Please, I really have to go to my dance class, I would do anything for you if you can make my homework! Yes, you can ask me anything!

What? Can you repeat… You want to see me pee? Are you serious? Like… on the toilet… Right here? I’m not gonna pee on the floor, mom is gonna find out. You want me to pee in a cup or something? Guess I have no choice… But next time I’m gonna do my homework… This is… really weird… You like watching girls pissing…

In the next scene your sister pees in a squat position in a glass cup with her clothes on, she just pulls her panties aside. She’s wearing a white school girl blouse, a black skirt and purple leg warmers and she is barefoot. After she is done peeing she takes a rag, wipe her croth and then wipe the floor cause her pee splashed everywhere. (She doesn’t want mom to find out about what just happened!)

So brother, are you happy now? This is what you wanted so… What are you gonna do with my pee now? It’s really weird… Take this, do whatever you want with it, I don’t want to know. This never happened ok? Don’t tell anybody! Have fun with my homework…


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