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Tied up girl cries because she really has to pee


A girl has her legs taped to a chair and her hands handcuffed. Her bare pussy is exposed. She has been bound for a long time. The initial fear of being tied up and left to sit has gone. Now she has to pee very badly. She can’t untape herself because of the handcuffs. Her bladder is very full and she is being watched by a camera so that she doesn’t escape. The camera is located up next to her bare vagina. If she pees, then she will be seen. She struggles but she cannot manage to break free. She is so stressed out and her bladder is screaming in pain. She can’t help but cry. She has to pee that bad. The crying causes her bladder muscles to loosen an she involuntarily starts to pee. This causes her to cry more. The pee stream gets stronger the more she cries. A pool of pee forms under her vagina. She can’t stop peeing. When she is finished peeing, she is forced to sit in her own urine. The warmness of the pee calms her down a bit along with the fact that her bladder is no longer full. How long will she sit in her own piss? She feels humiliated.


Length:  6:55s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
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Pee queen


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