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Bloody sister love


(custom video request) Big sis is sweet and cares for her little brother. But, she also knows he is addicted to her and she loves the power this gives her. She is definitely dominant in this relationship.

Little brother is shy and geeky. Horrible around girls. He is in love with his big sis and horny as hell for her. He loves having her control him. It makes him extremely happy and gives him a boner.

You catch me looking at your tampon box. You decide to use this as an opportunity to have some fun and increase my addiction to you. You offer to teach me about girls.

You discuss menstruation as you tease me with your tampon string. I get hard and you tease me about my boner. You remove your tampon and dangle it in front of me. You ask if I want to taste your most intimate juices. I eagerly lick your tampon. The pleasure is almost more than I can take.

You know I am totally under your control. You make me beg to taste your menses. You masturbate with fingers or toy. Occasionally you let me suck your menses off your fingers/toy. Keep teasing me about my boner.

Smear your menses on your labia and thighs. Let me lick it off as you play with your clit until you orgasm.

When you recover, say something like, “Looks like little brother has a hard problem. Do you want a hand from big sis?” Put your hand on my bulge and I cum immediately, soaking through my shorts. Tease me some more about the big mess.

You go to take a shower. Tell me to do laundry so mom doesn’t see my cummy shorts. And tell me to wash big sister’s menses off my face.


Length:  16:48s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 951 MB


Yup, this is me! Glad to be here at to share my naughty side with all of you! 


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