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Tampon change


I walk into my bathroom and tell you that I haven’t changed my tampon since last night, it’s been in all night while i’ve slept and it’s time to change it. Want to see? I show off the string dangling out of my pussy and I sit on the toilet. I bring the camera in nice and close so you can really see and I pull the tampon out. I show it to you, dangling it from the string and spinning it round and round. I drop it in to the toilet and start playing with my pussy. I finger it, pulling out a red finger, stroking my clit and spreading the blood all around. I show you my red fingers and red pussy before wiping and showing you the red stained tissue. Then I insert a clean tampon, playing around with it a little before finally shoving it all the way inside me and flushing, washing my hands and blowing you a kiss goodbye.

Length of video not including titles/credits: 03:50

Format: 1080p mp4 (the video is much better quality than the GIF)


Length:  4:05s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 249 MB

Hey, i’m Kaidence, 19 year old English camgirl, video maker and sexy pooper.

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