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2 Diarrhea Shits On Period (Hidden Cam)


I Was On My Period This Week & I Always Seem 2 Get The Runs During That Time Of The Month! Watch From My Bathroom Hidden Cam As I Take 2 Explosive & Projectile Diarrhea Shits From That Week.

Poop 1 – Watch & Listen As The Shit Just Comes Exploding Out Of My Ass! Ahhh, That Feels So Much Better. I Take My Blood Soaked Tampon Out & Throw It Into The Bowl. Close-Ups Of All My Nasty Goodness & Bloody Tampon In The Bowl.

Poop 2 – Watch & Listen As Poop Starts To Drip From My Ass & Then All Of A Sudden Launches From My Ass To The Other Side Of The Toilet….Covering The Rim Of The Toilet All The Way Down The Bowl. Man, My Stomach Doesn’t Feel 2 Good. I Have 2 Sit & Recover For A Min…. Expecting More 2 Shoot Out At Any Second. I Tinkle & Then You Get To See Close-Ups Of The Projectile Diarrhea.

What a week! Whew!


Length:  5:59s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 309 MB

Picture 37BBW Poo 2

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