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Aftermath of a Very Big Accident


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Yikes, I had a really big accident earlier! It snuck up on me, so I didn’t even get a chance to set up my camera to catch the moment, but I got the camera rolling moments after to share this big messy moment with you. I’ve wearing a pair of silky blue panties and the seat of my panties are fully loaded and bulging out. It’s so big and heavy. I lift up my skirt to show you and awkwardly waddling around the room, my ass moving as I walk. Then I climb into bed to give you an up close and intimate look at my poopy panties. I whiny about how squishy it feels back there and ask you when I’m allowed to change…are you going to help me clean up, or what?


Length:  6:53s 
Resolution: 1280x720
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I just can’t stop having accidents…

1 review for Aftermath of a Very Big Accident

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    5 out of 5


    I’m giving this clip 5 stars only for the full body shots whilst standing and walking around in different angles,this had some wonderful full body views and it was great how she keeps her dress on hitched up over her panties…..But i’m really not a fan of these 5 minute clips,why give us something good but only for a couple of minutes 🙁 next time walk around a bit more and show off more standing body views…Very pretty face and hot body on Cheshire.
    Also the choice of panties are too adolescent and gimmicky….it would have been near perfect if she messed up a pair of plain white satin,silk or nylon panties….any light colours really such as light blue,light pink,beige,cream,tan,nude,skin etc etc.
    I really dislike multiple colours or fancy and colourful prints on panties,certain prints and pictures hide a lot of the messy scat stains which soaks through the panties to give that sexy dirty look. The size and tight fit of her panties are near perfect but the colours and kiddy prints are too innocent for dirty and taboo panty shitting videos. Anyway 10/10 for body shots and body and booty views whilst wearing the tight fitting panties…but just way too short and could be a much better colour pf panty. Thank You

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