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Awkward Soothing Enema


I still have a little tummy ache after my recent diarrhea accident. I feel like the only way to make myself happy and healthy again is a nice, warm enema. 🙂

I fill my 4 quart bag with warm water and squat down in my bathtub. The reason I’m awkward… is because I am trying out new camera angles in the bathtub lol. I do three different angles; each time, I flush my colon with the soothing water. The dirty shit water sprays out of my asshole, and it feels sooo good! I hope you enjoy this short clip that nobody asked for; I enjoyed doing this for myself.


Length:  6:46s 
Resolution: 1280x720
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 151 MB

A total butt slut who loves scat play now and then ;)

I love to live the taboo lifestyle.


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