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Buying Toilet Paper turned DIRTY


I got a phone call to stop and pick up some toilet paper on the way home. I walked inside the drug store, but instead of going to buy what I needed, I went to the bathroom. I inserted a tampon last night, and did not remove it when I woke up in the morning like I was supposed to. It has made me so horny, so I pull down my stained period panty, and pull out my full bloody tampon out of my pussy. I sit and release my poop and dripping blood into the toilet. I licked a little thick blood from my finger which made me need to cum before leaving the drug store’s bathroom. I finger my dirty asshole and cum good smelling and tasting my dirty natural scents. I’m so glad I got the phone to stop and buy some toilet paper! #662


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Worship MY Filthy Goddess Ass!


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