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Constipation relief!


This is a straining, pushing, constipation relief video where almost a week of poop finally comes out (very big load for me). I have had horrible constipation for days, maybe even a week, I can’t remember. I have been pushing and pushing and this shit just does not want to come out! In this clip I set the camera on the floor looking up at my ass and I push, grunting and straining for the first few minutes before eventually, my shit comes out! At first there’s just a few very small, hard, dark constipated pellets, then several logs of normal, soft brown shit. When i’ve finished I sigh with relief and tell you how much better I feel! I show you the massive smelly pile i’ve left on the floor, then I show off my dirty asshole nice and closeup before eventually wiping, leaving a big shit stain going all the way from my asshole to the top of my ass crack.

Length of video not including titles/credits: 07:04

Format: 1080p mp4 (the video is much better quality than the GIF)


Length:  7:19s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 354 MB

Hey, i’m Kaidence, 19 year old English camgirl, video maker and sexy pooper.

Follow my toilet blog for updates.


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