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Fast Food Heavy Pee & Poop


I stopped to order some fast food for lunch, but I had to stop in the bathroom first. I had to go real bad, I had not been able to go to the bathroom for a few hours, which made me horny. After less than a minute of being in the bathroom stall, someone knocked on the door, and I told her I was in the bathroom. I really wanted you to watch me go to the bathroom, but I was so nervous because I could hear the woman talking on her cell phone right outside the door. It didn’t stop me, but turned me on more. I made a mess on the floor, but I was worried that the woman outside waiting for me to come out of the bathroom would see the floor getting all wet. I cleaned up the floor first with some waste in the trash bin because the bathroom was poorly stocked. There was hardly any toilet paper, and no paper towel in the restroom. I was hoping there would be more trash in the trash can since everything was empty, but the big trashcan was empty. I pooped and peed more making a mess after I heard the lady who was waiting finally go into the men’s restroom next door. I collected my big creamy poop in a bag and put it in my purse. When I finally came out of the bathroom and placed my order, the cashier asked the women working on the line “Was that smell coming from the bathroom?” That made me smile big and my pussy wet that they were all smelling my powerful poop! I know I felt much better after releasing a heavy piss and poop before I eat a spicy salad for lunch. #605


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Worship MY Filthy Goddess Ass!


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