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Fat Turds Popping Out Of My Ass


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I want you to watch me. I get so excited when I know that you are watching me in my private moments doing private things. I want you to watch me good as I get on my knees, spread my humongous butt cheeks and take an explosive shit. I shit and piss for you. I wipe my ass and show you the dirty toilet paper coated with shit stains. Do you like my ass? Do you like the stuff that comes out of my ass? Send me a review and tell me how much you like? 🙂


Length:  1:28s 
Resolution: 720x480
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File Size: 95 MB

Shitting makes me horny…

1 review for Fat Turds Popping Out Of My Ass

  1. Profile photo of BigBootyBankTeller
    4 out of 5


    Thats right baby..Push that Old Grandma Green shit out your Sexy Ass Bitch….After gaining this weight from your pregnancy you still look fine as ever and so sexy………
    Let out all those Stink Doo doo Doggy Turds from your beautiful big round booty.. Keep this up and I’ll definetly keep helping you pay those bills Georgeous..
    Next time smear that Big booty Honey
    #1 Lesbian fan..kisses

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