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Hu Cow


What is more comforting then country life? In this video the interesting life of the domestic animals is explored. Watch that big titted beast in all her dumbness state, shitting, droll, wiggling udders, mowing and all things that dehumanized sluts will do to get humiliated in the right way. You will enjoy watching her dangling her udders in the most ridiculous manner. Mouth stuffed with deformation balls to make her face stupid looking and bring out the beast within. In such matter the cunt can’t speak. All she can do is droll. Beasts are stupid but they are lovely and useful to service men. Come empty your ball over this one.


Length:  12:42s 
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: asf
File Size: 2 GB

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Aive and shitting! I’m a mature shit cunt enjoying a sticky life style.


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