Loosing Bets, Poops In Panties
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Loosing Bets, Poops In Panties


I am at the kitchen sink,  Today’s the day is it now ? ” I had a feeling it was coming, yes I know, time to pay”  ” Where do you want me to do this?” ” Well Ok then, I will meet you in the guest room in about five I just have to go the toilet first.” ” What do you mean no toilet for poor little Alexa?” ” The clock started ticking already?” ” Oh  yes of course I will be a good sport, 60 mins of total and complete obedience those were the stakes.” ” Come, let’s go upstairs”

” Why didn’t you tell me you could shoot a decent game of pool anyway?. I mean I was Regional Champion 3 years running and there was no way you were going to beat me at this. Even snookered me twice you dumb ass.” ” Yes sir I will take off my clothes and masturbate on the bed now. ”” So far this is a peach, maybe it is me who won after all.” Now what?, oh fingering my butt hole before I insert my dildo in it. This is quite exciting actually as you already know I like this stuff.”’ Oh my God, so many sensations down there. Plus I still have to pee and probably poo as well”  I am to piss and shit my pants now!!!!” ” You know I will do anything when I get this turned on, well played you dick” ” OK give me five mins I will be right back”

I go to the restroom and put on red lip stick and eye liner

I walk back into the room holding some clothes . I drop the clothes on the bed. ” Here, pretty much the same outfit I was wearing when you whipped my ass around the pool table.” .” I guess you were thinking how nice it would look if I had a bulge in my peed pants as I bent over the pool table were you not?” I  pee and poop myself in my panties and masturbate until I orgasm.





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